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  • Unlimited Access The Speed School Video Library
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  • Additional Bonus:¬†Nutrition Plan

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Ferdinand Omanyala

"Coach Morey Helped Me Recognize Some Parts Of My Start That I Would Have Never Been Able To See Without His In Depth Video Analysis."


David Kim

"I have sent all 3 of my son's to train with Performance Lab and all of them got much faster and stronger."

John Akopyan

"I sent my son to train with Morey after hearing he is the best in the area. I was amazed with how much better my son got in just 1 session."

Matt Mowry

"We have our whole baseball team work with Performance Lab. The results have been tremendous and love that Morey provides objective numbers to measure results."

Trayvon Bromell

"I have been watching and studying your videos for years. Thank you for providing great content for people to watch."

Martin Kwong

"I have worked strength and power for years with minimal speed improvements. After joining the Speed School I dropped .5 in my 40 yard dash in just 6 weeks!"

About Coach Morey Croson

  • Started Performance Lab of California in 2014
  • Since then has worked with hundreds of¬†athletes looking to get faster and honed in on TEACHING Sprint Biomechanics
  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with Biomechanics Emphasis
  • Taught Himself To Run 4.4 In The 40 Yard Dash and Over 22 mph. With The Same System You Will Be Using.
  • Passionate About Athletic Development and Being Recognized As The BEST At Teaching People To Run Faster In The World.
  • Committed To Exceeding Expectations for All Clients and Customers

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