How To Get A Quicker Release For Quarterbacks?

get a faster release steps in throwing a football throw mechanics Jul 12, 2022
How To Get A Quicker Release For Quarterbacks?

Almost all the quarterbacks realize the importance of getting the ball out of their hands quickly. It sets up the receivers to make more plays with the ball in their hands and also puts more velocity and power into the throw. Knowing how to get a quicker release for quarterbacks can have a significant impact on your game.

In this post, we’ll discuss the tips and techniques to help you reduce your release time when you throw a ball. We’ll observe a couple of people who throw the ball at different times (0.4 and 0.3) and observe their impacts and in the process learn from them. We’ll see some of the main things happening within the throw.

Let’s have a look at these techniques one by one below.

1.      Initializing the load

how to get a quicker release for quarterbacks?
Initializing Load

When reviewing Justin Fields' actual throw, the thing to notice is how fast he gets his elbow going. Before even he moves his wrist, he focuses on moving his elbow.

When comparing Justin Fields' elbow with other throwers, his elbow is much higher than others when he initially loads. This leads to a quicker wrist and allows him to load the pec quickly which ends up being critical as he continues through the throw.

2.      Getting the front foot down

Getting the front foot down
Front foot Down

 Another thing to notice in Justin Fields' throw is his front foot position. He makes sure his front foot is down to be able to push off his back leg and allow his lower body to create a big impact in his throw.

Getting your front foot down is also important because the faster we can get our lower body going in the throw, the better we’ll be able to influence the throw. When the lower body is slow to get going then the release ends up being longer. So make sure you get a strong push off that back leg when initializing the throw to improve your release time overall.

3.      Transition Of The Throw

Throwing transition

All the motions explained above were completed in 0.2 seconds for Justin Field’s which is pretty standard for most throwers. However, this part is where Justin Fields and anyone who is able to get the ball out of their hands quickly is able to separate themself.

Quarterbacks who have a longer release end up bringing the ball behind their head after their initial loading of the football. I call this a double load because there was first a load of the wrist when initially going back but then another load to bring the ball back behind the head. This usually happens for two reasons:

1. The initial load did not properly set the wrist and pec in an optimal position to throw the ball or

2. After the initial load the quarterback ineffectively bends the wrist which creates all types of issues.

Surprisingly I see both of these a lot so if you have a longer release you almost certainly fall into one of these two categories. What you want to do though and what Justin Fields is so good at doing is turning the wrist while driving the elbow forward and through maintaining a neutral wrist in order to set himself up for a perfect release.

4.      The release

Thowing release
The release

Since other quarterbacks take too much time at the 3rd step of their throw, they do not get to the point of releasing the ball in .37 seconds or more. While Justin Fields is able to reach the same position in 0.3 seconds because of his efficient load and transition phase. The important thing about this is loading the football correctly sets up the wrist and arm to be in an optimal position to release the football.

These simple modifications to your technique can help you get a quicker release and also give you more power in the throw. Just by following these, you can optimize your throw and be more efficient as a quarterback.
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Quick Recap

If you found the information too technical, let’s have a quick recap to get a quicker release for quarterbacks:

  • Get Your Elbow Going When You Load. (Sets Up Your Pec For A Quick Throw)
  • Get Your Front Foot Down Quick
  • Turn The Wrist During The Transition Phase. Do not get stuck with ball behind the head because the wrist does not turn or because of too much wrist bend.
  • Get the wrist too neutral to flick the football out between .3-.33 seconds.


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