Correcting Running Form – A Simple Tool To Fix Your Form Quickly

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Correcting Running Form – A Simple Tool To Fix Your Form Quickly

Unlock Your Full Running Form With Our Top-Quality Running System

Imagine the proper running form and feel of a professional runner – the speed, agility and foot strike precision of a professional athlete. Wouldn’t it be great to also have that kind of energy in your game?

Well, you can save yourself time and frustration in discovering proper mechanics, with our top-of-the-line Running Program. We’ve broken down the step-by-step motion – from proper upper body setup, timing of your heel strike and proper hip position, to release point and follow through – into easy-to-follow segments you can use to unlock your full running form capabilities.

This strategy takes the guesswork out of understanding running mechanics and gives you more control in playing at a higher level to achieve correct running form.

Unlocking your proper running form is one of the most important steps to reaching your peak performance. By using our top-quality Running program, we can help you achieve just that!

Our break down process allows us to analyze and identify which components of your run need improvement – from proper foot strike to rotation of the hips. We then provide tailored drills, videos and a carefully developed workout program that will ensure tangible results in no time.

And both beginner and advanced athletes are welcome – our programs are suitable for anyone who wants to take learn good running form. So don’t wait any longer, learn the proper running technique and access your fullest potential with us today!

Our Running Program was designed to help runners improve their running mechanics while maintaining proper running form, running posture, and a forward arm swing.

When you order unlimited analysis we promise to provide valuable insight in the form of video feedback to update your technique. We’ve seen first-hand how quickly athletes can significantly improve their overall performance with these personalized tips.

So run your best and have confidence that you have access to unlimited breakdowns for maximizing your potential!

What’s Included?

  • 12 Weeks Of Unlimited Breakdowns To Make Consistent Improvements In Your Running Mechanics
  • Customized at home training program to increase strength, power, range of motion, balance, core and much more over the next 28 days.
  • Drills and Video Tutorials to implement specific training methods in order to guarantee the best results

Perfect Your Running Form With Our 12 Weeks Of Unlimited Breakdowns

Perfecting own running form can be a difficult and even overwhelming process. That’s why we created a private training program that provides personalized one-on-one guidance for aspiring athletes.

Through our TrainHeroic training app as well as phone and text support, we give you unrestricted access to the assistance you need in order to run accurately and with exceptional speed.

Our program will help you eliminate errors such as dragging your left foot or incorrect leaning forward while running.

With the help of a trained physical therapist, strength trainer and coach devotedly guiding you through every step of the way, you’ll easily become the top athlete on your team and swing forward decisively with renewed confidence.

Customized At Home Training Program

Having poor running form can be a big impediment to you achieving peak performance. Our private training program is designed to help you identify any areas of your run form that may need attention.

For example, if you find yourself not making as much forward progress as desired and you are running in more of a straight line than a slight forward lean, we can work on increasing your range of motion, core strength and balance so that you are an efficient runner.

By providing the highest level of detail tailored to the individual, our program helps make sure that no stone is left unturned in your path towards excellence.

Having a bad running form can damage your running performance and even lead to injury. To combat this, our private training program is designed to help athletes of all levels re-establish healthy posture and a comfortable running style.

We will correct bad aerobics such as forward head posture and stiff upper body as well as help you balance your stride length for an overall improved running experience.

With personalized advice and drills tailored to each athlete’s needs, no matter your skill level or access to equipment, our program is guaranteed to step up your game.

How To Get Started?

Step 1: Are you ready to get started on your speed running journey? The first step is to send in a video demonstrating your sprint. We provide easy-to-follow instructions with the video so you can easily upload it onto our server. You can do so directly from your computer or any smart device, making the process simple and efficient. All you have to do is follow the steps and let us take care of the rest. So don’t wait; take that first step now!

Step 2: Step two in our speed running program is truly the key to unlocking more efficient form and higher performance. Within 24 hours of signing up, you’ll receive a comprehensive email outlining your individualized speed coaching breakdown. It includes drills and exercises that are specifically tailored to your running needs, so you can get started on your journey to success as quickly as possible. Should there be anything unclear or if you have any other questions and concerns, we’ll be happy to schedule a Zoom call so that we can ensure everything is on point for you. Get ready for a power-packed running experience!

Step 3: Step 3 of our speed running program is all about commitment. We provide you with the best drills, exercises, and guidelines that are tailored just for you. But it’s not only that. If you intend to see actual individual progress, you must proactively put in the work it takes to make these changes. We appreciate that development on an athletic level isn’t an overnight phenomenon, but rather something that requires dedication and perseverance until transformative results appear. Doing so will give you a competitive advantage over others. So don’t forget- always do the work and reap what comes from getting the job done!

This unique and tailored approach to setting you up for success includes an array of easy-to-follow questions that will help us create a personalised plan for you – one that will help accelerate your progress as a speed runner. It only takes about 10 minutes of your time, but the data collected will give insight into your current strengths, weaknesses and training plans so we can develop a super effective program just for you!

Improving Running Form Video Series

The most valuable part of this program is the private training and typically that is what is most restricted when working with a private coach. So we wanted to make that the most easily accessible part of the program.

All you need to do in order to get private coaching is simply upload video onto our server or schedule a zoom call. That’s it! After that we will be sending you feedback on how you can take your performance to the next level and send over the drills, exercises or tutorials needed to improve your running form.

What Is Our Speed Training Philosophy?

At our speed training center, we believe that the process of improving a runner’s speed is as much an art as it is a science. Whether you wish to enjoy recreational running or compete in track meets, being able to run faster can make all the difference.

That’s why our team has crafted and perfected a unique philosophy for helping runners reach their goals no matter who they are or what their background may be. Drawing from decades of experience and research, we’ve created an approach that takes into account the specific strengths, needs and goals of each athlete we work with.

Through building confidence through trust-based coaching alongside tailored nutrition plans, strength conditioning exercises and on-track drills; our athletes gain an edge in reaching success!

Start Phase

The start phase of our speed training philosophy is essential to becoming an elite athlete. For example, if you watch live coverage of the NFL combine or pro day, you’ll see that the athletes with the quickest starts have an edge over their competition. To get into that unbeatable starting position, it’s essential to focus on a few key elements.

Start in a three-point stance and be sure that your back foot isn’t too far behind the starting line. Additionally, make sure there’s a forward lean in your front leg so that most of your weight is off the rear foot. The first movement should be to drop your front knee while simultaneously rolling your hips forward and thrusting your back arm forward. This technique is similar to a broad jump or power clean in order to maximize explosive horizontal force.

Drive Phase

The ‘drive phase’ of our speed training philosophy marks when top speed is achieved. To measure performance, I set tailored targets according to my athletes’ height and size. Generally speaking, 4 steps in 5 yards, 7 steps in 10 and 12 strides in the first 20 are a good goal. From there, if an athlete can average 2 yards per step in the remaining 20 then they should be able to finish the full 40 yard dash in 20 paces. This is particularly true for athletes whose heights fall between 5’10” – 6’1″.

The drive phase of our speed training philosophy is vital in reaching a great 40-yard dash timing. During this phase, it’s critical to leverage the proper relationship between the knee angles and spine position in order to slowly transition the body in an upright position.

This can be achieved by focusing on maintaining fast leg cycle and arm action while turning over the legs quickly and increasing drifting distance per step. A helpful cue for athletes to keep in mind is that as their knees become more vertical and feet reach further out front, the body should shift its weight back at the same time. With practice, empowering yourself with these techniques can maximize your opportunity for success!

Top Speed Phase

The top end phase of our speed training philosophy is all about pushing your body to the limit in order to reach those elite sprinting times. The aim here is to get up to 22mph or even exceed it if possible. It’s a difficult phase and not everyone can handle it well, but when you go through phases one and two effectively, it will be easier for you to reach those higher speeds. This phase of speed training is key for making sure your 40 yard dash time is as fast as possible, so don’t skimp on it!

The top speed phase of our speed training philosophy is all about efficiency and timing. We want to increase the distance covered per stride while also maintaining a quick turnover rate. Many athletes get to this stage of the 40 yard dash and slow their feet down, mistakenly thinking that just covering more ground will result in a faster run overall – but this simply isn’t the case!

By utilizing our speed training program, you’ll learn all about when to push at maximum velocity, and how variable your steps must be for an optimal time in your 40 yard dash. Focusing on this top speed phase can have a huge impact on your performance, so don’t miss out on it!

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