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Oct 11, 2023

Are you an aspiring quarterback with a burning passion for college football? Do you dream of leading your team to victory, executing flawless plays, and making an impact on the field? Whether you’re an experienced quarterback looking to fine-tune your skills or a newcomer eager to play quarterback for the first time, our exclusive private training sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and take you to the next level.

At Performance Lab of California, we believe that playing quarterback isn’t just about mastering the game; it’s about acquiring valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the football field. Our seasoned coaches bring a wealth of experience, having worked with athletes of all skill levels and honed their training methods to perfection.

Experience the power of one-on-one instruction in an intimate setting that fosters accelerated growth and unparalleled improvement. Our coaches understand that each quarterback possesses unique strengths and areas for improvement, which is why our personalized approach ensures that you receive the attention and guidance you deserve.

No matter your skill level, we are dedicated to elevating your game through our comprehensive coaching experience. Our innovative training methods will challenge and inspire you to unleash your full potential while nurturing your passion for college football. Whether you prefer individual attention or thrive in a group setting, we have the perfect training program to cater to your needs and goals.

In this article, we will go over some of the aspects of our training program to help young quarterbacks get to the next level. So read on!

Quarterback Mechanics Training and Development Los Angeles


Start With Throwing Mechanics

When beginning to work with a new quarterback, our coaches’ vast knowledge comes into play. They understand what it takes to develop a top QB, and they know the importance of identifying key data points for improvement.

Through their guidance, you’ll learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques to take your game to the next level. By maximizing your potential, you’ll not only elevate your performance but also inspire other quarterbacks to reach their full potential.


Quarterback Development Basics

When it comes to quarterback development basics, the key lies in identifying crucial data points to improve the throw. Our coaches, with their vast knowledge and expertise, will guide you through both fundamental and advanced techniques. By mastering these skills, you can elevate your game and unlock your full potential as a new quarterback.

Quarterback Development Basics starting from the grip and wrist flick


Wrist Flick

When observing the release of a throw, one crucial aspect to focus on is the grip and wrist position. For quarterbacks, the wrist flick serves as a telltale sign of their throwing mechanics. Whether they’re tossing a ball on the beach or executing a play on the football field, the quality of their wrist flick can reveal the level of training they’ve received.

A well-trained quarterback exhibits a smooth and precise wrist action during the release, showcasing their ability to control the ball’s trajectory and spin. This simple yet essential detail can make all the difference in identifying a quarterback’s skill and training background.

Quarterback coaching how to use the hips


It’s All In The Hips

In quarterbacking, elite mechanics are crucial for success. While some quarterbacks may rely solely on their arm and still perform well, a sustainable long-term success requires understanding the significance of utilizing the ground and the hips while throwing. By incorporating the lower body into the motion, quarterbacks can generate more overall power, leading to better throws and improved performance.

Moreover, focusing on the hips and lower body not only enhances performance but also plays a pivotal role in preventing injuries. By engaging the hips, the strain on the arm and upper body is reduced, lowering the risk of overuse injuries. Our training program prioritizes coaching both performance and injury prevention for all our athletes, including quarterbacks.

Quarterback mechanics: How to properly throw a football


Efficiency In The Motion

Efficiency in the motion is the key differentiator between NFL quarterbacks and their youth counterparts. The exceptional efficiency achieved by high-level quarterbacks is a result of dedicated training, often conducted in private. However, it’s crucial to note that professional-level quarterbacks possess a set of essential skills that elude many young athletes.

These skills elevate their game and set them apart from the rest. By honing their mechanics and mastering the intricacies of footwork, release timing, and follow-through, high-level quarterbacks effortlessly deliver accurate and powerful throws.

Moreover, their ability to read defenses and make split-second decisions further enhances their efficiency. While youth quarterbacks may exhibit potential, they must strive to emulate and acquire these critical elements to reach the highest level of proficiency in their throwing motion.


Quick Release

A quick release is essential for an elite throwing motion, especially for NFL quarterbacks. The majority of them can release the ball in under .4 seconds, with the elite players boasting an even quicker .3-second release time. In contrast, those new to the game or with limited experience often take over .5 seconds to get the football out of their hands.

Mastering a rapid release is crucial for success on the field, as it allows quarterbacks to make split-second decisions and react swiftly to defensive strategies. Developing this skill is a key focus for aspiring players looking to elevate their game and reach the level of the pros.


Training Accuracy And Consistency

Training quarterbacks is not just about developing power; it also revolves around enhancing accuracy and consistency. To achieve this, we emphasize the position of the wrist and the motion of the arm, as they play crucial roles in ensuring precise throws. Furthermore, the head and eye position are of utmost importance. When working with young quarterbacks, we place significant emphasis on maintaining a still head and unwavering eye contact on a specific point, such as the top of the numbers on a receiver’s jersey. This focus on a smaller target enhances the likelihood of the quarterback’s accuracy.

Elite Quarterback Training: Develop the correct footwork as a quarterback


Footwork For Quarterback Development

Footwork is a crucial aspect when training quarterbacks, especially at the high school level. It serves as a significant differentiator between successful quarterbacks. Beyond just throwing, mastering footwork sets the foundation for a well-rounded quarterback. It enables them to excel in the run game, ensures proper drop-back depth, and establishes the right foot positioning for success.

At the college level, I personally experienced how my footwork training in high school and youth football propelled me into the quarterback position. Emphasizing the importance of impeccable footwork cannot be overstated, as it remains pivotal for quarterbacks at every stage of their development.

Quarterback Mechanics: The correct release time and how to get there


Take your Game To The Next Level

As a football coach as well as quarterback coach the main focus is getting the athletes I train with to the next level. In my experience with QB training a lot of what helps young athletes improve is consistently training the basics.

In this day and age it seems, the effectiveness of the quarterback training has more to do with how it will look on Instagram and TikTok in comparison to how will it helps with the athlete’s development. This is really negatively impacting quarterback play on the lower levels as we see more quarterbacks trying to scramble and make crazy throws like Patrick Mahomes or Bryce Young.

Not that those quarterbacks are bad but quite the opposite, they are elite. They have spent the time work with private coaches and group training events. They have invested into their development year over year so they have much more experience and skill. What people do not see is the hours put in to develop the fundamentals to then make elite throws on Saturday and Sunday.

Quarterback training camps near me


What To Expect In Our Quarterback Training

In our private or group training sessions you can expect to get specific coaching on how to improve your throwing mechanics from your feet all the way up through your arm, hand, release, etc.

A lot of the coaching and the training is formed from video analysis of the quarterback. We have found that in order to make the results as objective as possible we want to get as much data as we can. This is in my opinion the key separator in our QB training program. We push to get objective results for athletes.

How will you know if you are truly playing at a higher level without any numbers to back it up. This is why we calculate throwing distance, release time, step distance, velocity and a range of other numbers. To see how your skills develop over a period of time so we can adjust our coaching accordingly and to show you that the hard work is in fact paying off.

Quarterback training exercise to develop more power


Strength Training For Quarterbacks

We work with a variety of high school football teams and programs in the area to improve their strength, speed, conditioning, etc. Every team that we work with has different goals based on their players. Regardless of the group we always have a different set of exercises designed specifically for the quarterback.

The strength training we do for quarterbacks is very specific to the demands they will have when they play. The training focuses on upper body strength in combination with range of motion with mostly power development in the lower body as well as core training. Where most strength and conditioning coaches make the mistake is training the entire football team the same as the quarterback.

Quarterback training exercise to develop more upper body strength


Quarterback training exercise to develop more upper body strength

The best way to set a quarterback up for injury is to put them on the same training program as a lineman or running back. The reality is they are two very different athletes and should be training as such. During the offseason make sure the strength training program includes improving range of motion in the shoulder and spine while improving core strength, grip and lower body.

Quarterback training to address shoulder pain and soreness


How To Avoid Injury When Training

It is common for quarterbacks to get overuse injuries when training for the next football season. It is important for the coach to implement proper warm ups beforehand as well as a cool down at the end of each session. In both our group and private training sessions we make sure athletes take all the necessary measures to keep their arms healthy.

Additionally, it is important to maintain a healthy diet as well as receive plenty of rest each night for best results. We recommend athletes only have 7-8 training sessions every week which is including one rest day. On top of that, for youth and high school athletes we recommend at least 4 weeks of full rest every year or 12 months of development. This gives the body plenty of time to rest, prepare and grow in preparation for the next season or training program.

Common Questions

How Often Do You Recommend QB Training?

This is dependent on the schedule of the athlete and the time of year. In general we recommend at least 3-5 days of throwing in order to prepare the arm for the season. These do not need to be all high intensity training sessions but the more consistency the better for all athletes. Check out these best exercises to increase your throw power.

Quarterback Training Lab in Los Angeles.


What Background Do You Have?

Well I played quarterback from youth up to the collegiate level. My dad is a legendary high school football coach in the Los Angeles area with many quarterbacks who ended up playing in college or professional levels. I also started training with a private quarterback coach when I was playing youth football as my dad was trying to prepare me for the next level.

Then while in college I attained my degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Biomechanics. While playing collegiate football I also interned at a Biomechanics Lab and even began my training career while working with the local high school team.

I have made over 250 videos on Quarterback Mechanics and an additional 300 videos breaking down the top professional and college level quarterbacks and identifying their key strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, I have over 1000 breakdowns of coaching different athletes to improve their throw, speed, jump and much more in a variety of sports.


What Type Of Results Can I Expect?

The results of the athlete will be based on the level they start as well as the commitment to the training. I have worked with many athletes from collegiate and pro down to youth and at the end of the day results are based on desire and work ethic.

In order to reach your full skill set and achieve an elite level status their must be time and sacrifices in order to get there.

With that said, when the athlete commits you will see increases of 10+ yards of distance, at least .1 second off the release time and elite level velocity on every level.

Should I Do Group Or Private Training?

There will be significant improvement in either the private or group training program. Depending on the skills and the experience of the quarterback would give me a better understanding of whether to recommend private or group. I will say you can expect much faster results with our private training than the group coaching.

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Do You Have Online Training?

Yes we do online training along with in person quarterback training in the Los Angeles area. No matter what state you live in we will be able to accommodate your needs. We will also be doing a quarterback camp in a variety of different cities this offseason so check back to see if we will be visiting your state.


What Age Should We Start Quarterback Training?

This is a very common question and it is a tough answer because at the end of the day it has to be about the athlete. We all want our loved ones to excel in sports but it has to be their passion as much as their parents, grandparents, etc. I have seen athletes with great potential stop playing because they lost the love for the game. My recommendation is separate play on the field from love and support at home. Youngest we have started with is 5-6 years old.

Football training camps in Los Angeles

How Does Your Free Assessment Work?

For quarterbacks looking to start training we offer a FREE 30 minute assessment to identify the key areas to improve with the mechanics in order for the quarterback to get to the next level.

The important thing with this session is for us to meet and be able to get on the same page in regards to the training process as well as set up a program, schedule and any other necessary requirements moving forward.

Quarterback training program: How to get started




Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Hopefully you were able to learn enough about the quarterback position to choose a good coach regardless of what state you live in. If you have any questions about our training or how we can help you or any athletes close to you get to the next level do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you!

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