How To Throw a Perfect Spiral (5 Important Tips)

Jun 09, 2022
How To Throw a Perfect Spiral (5 Important Tips)

As a quarterback, there are really two things you are judged on: 1. How hard can you throw the football? and 2. How good is your spiral? In this post, we’ll look at 5 ways you can ensure to throw a perfect spiral. As a Quarterback, throwing a consistent spiral can be difficult as you need to avoid a few common mistakes.

Now before we get into the specifics of how to throw a perfect spiral I want you to understand that results may vary. Not everyone has the same anatomy and physiology and while this will work for the vast majority of quarterbacks there may be some that need some specific tweaks in order to achieve the perfect spiral that is outside of the normal circumstances.

Additionally, there are factors outside of how you are holding the ball that I did not mention such as foot position, pressure, timing, etc. These are factors that are unpredictable and therefore not mentioned, everything in this post can be predicted and perfected to throw a perfect spiral every time!

If you are reading this blog post, chances are you already know how to throw a spiral and are looking for ways to throw a perfect spiral every time. Let’s have a look at the 5 most important tips to master the art of throwing a perfect spiral.

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1.      Nose towards the target

When you are throwing the football, you want to make sure that nose of the football should always be facing your target. If the nose of the football faces sideways, you won’t be able to get your wrist in the neutral position.

If the nose of the football is facing up or down it becomes more difficult to release the ball with the index finder, therefore, causing the football to spin uncontrollably. In order to best predict the spin of the football you want to have the most consistent release possible. Making sure the nose of the football is facing the target is the best way I have found in achieving that (when throwing a deep ball the target is upwards).

2.       A C-Shaped Hand

When throwing a football, the next thing you should make sure of is that your hand should make a c-shape when holding the ball. You should absolutely avoid making a u-shape when holding the ball. Most people, especially those who are new to football, forget this crucial technique and end up struggling with the timing of flicking the wrist and therefore struggle with throwing a consistent spiral.

If your hand is u-shaped when holding the football and the nose of the football is facing sideways, there is a 95% chance you are not throwing a spiral. When releasing the football the hand needs to be in a C-shaped position with the wrist neutral to best increase your chances of throwing a perfect spiral.

throwing a perfect spiral

3.      The Right Grip

Another big thing that you should focus on while throwing a football is the grip. When the ball is leaving your hand, your index finger should be the last thing that touches during the throw. This really impacts your ability to throw a perfect spiral because when it comes off from the correct part of your index finger, it generates the spiral that you are looking for in the throw.

If you release the ball from the outside part of your index finger, it might not generate the spiral. You’re going to feel it when you release the ball, you’ll notice the spiral coming off perfectly when you release the throw from the correct part of your index finger.

4.      The Front Arm and the Front Shoulder

Your front arm and front shoulder should not be open when throwing a football (see the poster below). If you open them up, chances are that the direction of your football during the throw would be sideways ultimately spiral inconsistently.

Your head should also not come to the side, this is important as well. You can ensure this by not opening your front arm and front shoulder during your throw.

perfect spiral

5.       Elbow Position

The last thing you want to make sure of is the position of your elbow. Your elbow should not be too far away from your body when you are releasing the ball. It should not be too low either, you want to get your elbow forward and through with the launch.

If your elbow loses that natural position, the nose of your football will face sideways and this is one of the two things we want to avoid while throwing the ball. The other thing is maintaining the c-shape when throwing the football rather than the u-shape.

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Final Thoughts

These were the big things that actually have a really big impact on how do you throw a perfect spiral. Remember, it’s not just about being able to throw a spiral once and being happy about it, it’s about consistency and accuracy. You want to reach a level where you get the spiral right more than 90% of the time.

Sometimes, during the actual game, it’s natural to miss out on throwing a perfect spiral and this is nothing to feel embarrassed about. The harder you train in the gym, the better you perform on the field. Keep your focus and train hard, work on these tips and you’ll be able to throw the perfect spiral most of the time.

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