Free Speed Program | How to Get Faster In 28 Days

May 24, 2022
Free Speed Program | How to Get Faster In 28 Days

Hey my name is Morey Croson and I am the best online speed coach in the world and I am here to prove it to you. I am offering you a 28-day free speed program on how to get faster in 28 days because I want you to get faster utilizing my program. This is really just the beginning of what we offer at The Performance Lab from online programs to recruiting services, camps, and much more.

Back to the 28-day speed program. This is something you can manage 100% online. We will send you access to our app (free download on any major app store) which will have a workout for you to complete every day. The key thing that you will need in order to complete these workouts is a place to sprint. Other than that there is no specific equipment needed.

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Why Am I Not Getting Faster At Sprinting?

Over the years when working with athletes I have realized that the major thing that holds people back from improving is speed, throwing, jumping, weight loss, etc. Is the overall commitment level. So I wanted to make this easy for you to be able to improve by making everything easily accessible for you on an app so you can accomplish the workout when convenient for you.

6 days of the week there are about 8-15 different workouts to accomplish and one day is a rest day that has yoga programmed in case you need some extra stretching.

The focus of the program is to improve top speed. So if your top speed right now for instance is 17mph we would want you to get closer to 19mph in the next 28 days. We are going to put a priority on maximizing the ability to achieve top speed as well as hold top speed. There will be videos that come with the speed program when you sign up so you understand how to achieve top-end speed running.

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As you start getting comfortable with achieving top end speedrunning and making the necessary adjustments in your mechanics to achieve higher speeds we will continue to challenge your ability to hold top-end speed for longer periods of time.

We then will have you circle back to improve mechanics and your ability to reach for a higher top-end speed in a shorter period of time. Over the course of the 28 days, this will undoubtedly improve your top-end speed performance as your body adapts to the training and becomes more efficient at max effort.

I find a lot of athletes struggle in getting faster because there is a focus on sprinting shorter distances and/or acceleration rather than putting a premium on top-end speed output.

Now I do want to say in order to put a premium on top-end speed there are many workouts where that is all you will do. Go to a field/track, warm-up, work on some sprinting drills, some starts, then build to top-end speed and finish off with a cool down.

There are other workouts that include balance, power, and strength training but in order to put a premium on speed, we want to make sure you are fresh and able in order to get the most out of the session.

Additionally, many athletes that are looking to improve their speed do not put in the necessary time and energy needed to improve their upper body and core. The upper body strength and efficiency needed to improve speed are super important.

If the upper body does not have much strength then the lower body and core have to work much harder. There also seems to be a direct correlation between upper body strength and lower body strength.

 I know for me personally, I work out my lower body much more frequently than I do upper body however my upper body strength either stays the same or increases. I do not know the science behind this but it is just my own personal experience.

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Final Words

With that said, I am looking forward to hearing about your improvement in your top-end sprinting speed from this program. I have attached a couple of links above and one below for you to get started. Please let us know how everything is going.




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