Quarterback Exercises: 6 Ways to Increase Throw Power

Jun 03, 2022
Quarterback Exercises: 6 Ways to Increase Throw Power

In the previous blog posts, we talked about how to increase throwing power mechanically and looked at a few things you can try to increase your strength. However, when it comes to quarterback exercises, there are some specific workouts that you can do to enhance your overall throw power. It should be a no-brainer that an increased throw power is the key to playing the Quarterback position effectively.

This blog post will talk about 6 quarterback exercises to increase throwing power. The most important part of the tutorial post would be to do the exercises correctly. If you don’t do them the right way, all your energy would be wasted without seeing any positive results as a quarterback. The equipment you’re going to need includes 2 dumbbells (5 pounds each), a bench, a softball, the bands (see the image below), and the Keiser.

Now that you know the basics and the equipment you’re going to need, it’s time to get into real action.

The 1st Quarterback Exercise

For the first exercise, you’ll need to fix your hands and your knees to the ground and get into a sitting position but leaning forward with your hands (see the picture below). Make a fist with one hand and rest your forehead onto the hand on the ground. Straighten your arm completely and lift the dumbbell. The essential part is to keep your elbow straight while holding the dumbbell.

While lifting up, make sure your elbow is as straight as it possibly can be. This will help you put maximum effort into the exercises which ultimately leads to the strengthening of the arm. It’s a great exercise to improve mobility and also strengthen the back of your arm. You should do about 8-10 reps with one arm and repeat the process with the other.

The 2nd Quarterback Exercise

The second exercise involves dumbbells and the bench. For this, you’ll need to rest on the bench chest-first (facing the ground) with your legs stretched. This position allows you to control your core. Hold the dumbbells (one arm each) and bring them to your head. Then you should move it forward and backward. Make sure your head is level with your back and the elbows should also extend forward at the same level.

The most important aspect to focus on is to hold your hands high while you are going through the motion. It’s natural that your motion might not be so swift in the beginning, but once you get into it, you’ll be able to make it look effortless.

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The 3rd Quarterback Exercise

Next up, you’ll have to grab the softball (it could be any type of ball that can fit into your grip easily). You should stand sideways against the wall, extend your arm backward and put the ball against the wall. Make sure your body is straight while you perform this exercise. Now move your arm counter-clockwise into a motion rubbing the ball against the wall. Perform a half-circle (180 degrees) with the motion and then reverse the same motion.

This exercise helps you improve your range of motion as a quarterback. You can also switch legs by putting your right leg back and left leg forward as you go through with the motion.

The 4th Quarterback Exercise

Now you need to hop onto the Keiser machine. For this exercise, you can use a band and also a medicine ball, whichever you prefer. Grab the rod on the Keiser and hold it in a horizontal position, one hand clutching the top of the rod and the second one holding it from the middle. You should push hard with the move towards the opposite end of the Keiser.

Your back leg should get into the rotation of your foot as you are pressing through. The focus should be on utilizing your core as you drive off the back leg and through with the motion.

Quarterback Exercise 4

The 5th Quarterback Exercise

You need to move towards the other end of the Keiser. Grab the band, lean forward with both feet together, and hold your core with the other hand. Now push the band forward. Make sure your body is straight as you go through with the motion. You should come down in the cross with your motion.

You should come down to the opposite part of your hip with your arm’s motion as you push the band. Though seemingly simple, these quarterback exercises can be tricky.

Quarterback Exercise 5

The 6th Quarterback Exercise

The last exercise involves using dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in your hands (one each), go up to external rotation, and hold them a bit wider than your head. Your arms should be straight but wider than your head. Once there, you should come down to the internal rotation. Have a look at the pictures below to get a better idea about this exercise.

You can add more weight to this quarterback exercise if you like, however, the motion would remain the same. You can also use a band for this exercise.

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Final words

Overall, these six quarterback exercises are great for your shoulder and improve mobility dramatically. These also help with developing more strength and core. As a quarterback, you should do these exercises daily to stay in shape and sharpen your core muscles to create that edge over your opponents that you’ve always wanted.

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