Increase Your Throw Power With The Most Effective Quarterback Stretches

Jun 07, 2022
Increase Your Throw Power With The Most Effective Quarterback Stretches

If you are looking for the most effective quarterback stretches to increase throw power, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will go through some of the shoulder range exercises you could do at your home just inside of a doorway and make it very simple.

Most of the people in the quarterback community don’t utilize these essential exercises to increase their throwing power. These are simple quarterback throwing exercises (basic stretches) to help in achieving a more range of motion within the shoulder.

Many people reach out to me and inquire about the different types of pain they experience in their shoulders, back, and elbows. I always tell them that just by doing some consistent exercises, they’ll be able to get rid of their pain in no time and prevent any such pain from occurring in the future.

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Quarterback Stretches to do at Home To Increase Throw Power

1.      Pec stretch

In the first exercise, you stand in the doorway and get your elbows the same height as your shoulders, and from there try to step forward or simply fall forward with your spine (controlled) as much as you can. Then you should just push into the doorway. You’ve got to hold that position for 7-8 seconds.

Quarterback Throwing Exercises
Qb Exercise 1

2.      Lat/ Serratus Stretch

The next stretch in these quarterback throwing exercises is to reach all the way up over top, straighten your arms and hold onto the doorway vertically. Then you have to keep pushing your weight forward (keeping your shoulder blades together) so that your shoulders feel the stretch. You have to make sure your spine stays nice and long.

Quarterback exercises
Qb Exercise 2

3.      Lat Stretch

For this stretch, you have to make your pinkies face straight ahead with both hands and put your hands on the doorway right over your head. Again, you have to make sure your back is long and straight. Push your body weight forward and keep in that position for 7-8 seconds again. Make sure your elbows are straight as you are pushing forward with this stretch. Also, push your pinky's into the doorway here instead of the hands/palms.

Quarterback Stretch
Qb Exercise 3

4.      Pec stretch with oblique

To do this stretch, you need to stand sideways to the doorway holding the side of the doorway (elbow to your shoulder height) with one hand and put the other hand just below your chest. Then you need to push your weight away from your elbow in a way that your arm feels the stretch.

In this same position stretch, you can straighten up your arm holding the side of the doorway, and push your body away from it. Keep yourself as straight as possible. This quarterback throwing exercise is vital to get your arm ready for serious action.

Quarterback Exercise
Qb Exercise 4

5.      Front Line Stretch

This is a tricky one, you need to be able to reach the side of the doorways from your back. You should make sure your hand is as high up as possible. While holding it, you need to work yourself down low by bending your knees sliding down a bit. Hold that position for 8 seconds and repeat with the other arm.

Qb Exercise 5

6.     Subscap Stretch/ Internal Rotation

To do this part, you should grab the doorway with one hand (your thumb facing downwards) and straighten your arm. You should bend yourself and your head should align with your elbow (kind of like a bow). Hold your other hand just below your chest and be in that position for 6-8 seconds. Shift your hips from side to side to get the maximum output from this stretch.

Qb Exercise 6

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Wrap up

You can do these simple doorway quarterback stretches to increase throw power and to keep your shoulders nice and healthy as a quarterback. If you liked the information presented above, you can check out our official website to know how you can throw the ball further.

Our program will help you develop an excellent range of motion. Moreover, there are also some strengthening exercises, footwork drills, and overall keep in the best shape and form. Keep visiting these pages as we regularly post the latest information that can help you stay ahead of your game as a quarterback.

Have a great day!



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