Shoulder Soreness Exercises for Quarterbacks

Jan 24, 2023
Shoulder Soreness Exercises for Quarterbacks

It’s common to have arm soreness after throwing or working out the arm multiple days in a row. Here are 5 great exercises to help relieve shoulder soreness for quarterbacks or pitchers. 

This first exercise is aimed for tightness located in more of the middle of the shoulder. You’re going to want to be holding a non-flexible behind your back. You then want to take your top arm and pull upwards and as high as you can. This will increase your shoulder mobility and range of motion, and relieve the tightness in your shoulder. 

This next exercise is focused on soreness more towards the top of your shoulder. Take your arm behind your back and grab it with the opposite hand to hold it in its place. From there, you just want to move your head from side to side, and/or forward to back. You can even release your grip and use your free hand to massage through the neck and trap to really release any tension present.


This one is for any soreness and tightness located in the front of your shoulder or even your pec. With a straight arm, place your palm flat against a wall. Keeping your palm tight against the wall, begin pressing against it and squeeze your shoulder blades together the best you can.

You can put your hand higher or lower against the wall and this will increase your range of motion and give you a deeper stretch. Try to keep your elbow as straight as possible, as this will give you the best results. You may feel this stretch within the biceps and forearm as well.


Laying on your side, have your bottom arm in a right angle on the floor and really press your elbow into the ground. Focus on keeping your shoulder down because this will give you the best stretch. Take your free hand and push your bottom arm down towards the ground with resistance. Make sure your bottom shoulder does not come off the ground- the stretch will not work if it does. This exercise focuses on any soreness or tightness towards the back of the shoulder. 

The last exercise is focused more on the forearm. If you’re having any tightness in the forearm or having a hard time gripping the ball, this exercise will help you relieve that soreness and tightness. Start with your knees and hands both on the ground. Rotate your hands so your fingers are facing your knees.

You should already feel a stretch, but you can start sitting back towards your heels, trying to get your butt to your heels, to feel a deeper pull in your forearms. You can also do this same stretch with the tops of your hands, instead of your palms, on the ground. This will increase and ensure that you will have a good range of motion within your forearms and wrists.


If you want a visual tutorial (explanation) of the above process, you can watch the video below:

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